Thursday, February 25, 2016

- #MH 4.0

You made my day!

- syed zahir

Dear Abg Edy,

Pls take note that adik rindu. *hmm!

Since abg edy habis belajar, we didnt hang out together. Until we met again during my team building program. Kebetulan, it was in your hometown.

And, u nvr changed - masih jugak buli adik. Masih jugak amik berat pasal adik. Masih jugak dgn soalan yg sama "adik dgn siapa skrg ni?"

Dear Abg Edy,

Pls take note that adik dah takde kawan nak tgk cite hantu. *sobs!

I hope you and your family are in barakallah.

I miss you. A lot!


Friday, January 22, 2016

- busuk 2.0

Dear busuk's gf,

Here are some notes for you to study about ur bf a.k.a my bff:

- membebel. He hates it so much.
- downgrade him. It means you disrespect him.
- ask for food-hunting. He's not that type.
- prepare vegetables. He does not eat green leaves.
- prepare fish. He eats siakap only.
- milo! He stomach gets intolerant w/ this drink.
- hide ANYTHING from him. You just put yourself in trouble.
- get jealous w/ his scandal. You know who.
- get jealous w/ me. Because he loves he. *kidding!
- check his hp. He will share w/ you everything.
- watch horror movie/drama. He HATES it.

- respect his family and cousins.
- ribena and coke are enough. Both of them must in original flavour.
- trust him. Because you have too.
- good foods! Yet, he doesnt ask for expensive treat all the time.
- straightforward. He hates long intro.
- listen to him. He is a spoil brat. He needs your attention.
- support him. Eventually, he will change. He will.
- be serious when he is serious.
- handle him with extra care. He is not a typical malay guy.

- stay up for the whole night.
- mumbling while he is sleeping! So, listen to him carefully.
- merajuk! So far, i x pernah pandai/tahu pujuk dia.
- clean shirts, clean pants, clean shoes with clean socks.
- jaga hati org yg dia sayang. Like, totally.

***If he said "DONT", you better dont do it. I have done my part. Now, its all yours.

***Dear babe, not all happy relationship must have marriage-happy-ever-after ending. To some relationships, that's the limit.

- busuk

Dear busuk,

Pls take note that some of my friends are against our relationship. For them, you are not strong enough to be my lifetime partner.


To me, you are my Mr. Perfect 10. As a friend, a bestfriend, a boyfriend, a brother and as a daddy whom my kids will look at. I know, financially you are lacking here and there but i am confident we will/could work for it. Aite?


I have to respect your decision.


I dont know whether i will wait or i will not. As for now, i leave it everything to Allah.

I mungkin tak dapat you kt dunia, but i pray hard i will get you in akhirat.


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

- mereka

I just finished my shift by 7.00pm today. Not really "just" since i come out later that schedule.

Entah kenapa hari ni memilih utk stop over kt RnR Dengkil. Initially, nak tapau and blah but i chose to stay for a while.

Accompanied by 2 cups of coffee and my phone, i took this moments to analyse my surrounding. Datang, utk makan atau melepaskan lelah.

Memerhati 1 demi 1 wajah yg penat dan lapar, jujurnya buat rasa tersentuh. Terfikir, one of them maybe pernah call nak tanye berkenaan masalah network, baki akaun, charge utk bill etc.

Ya Rabb, moga tak ada antara mereka ini yg pernah terima makian yg tidak selayaknya. #eh


Monday, October 5, 2015

- taf day

Me : hye. Welcome to customer first helpline. My name is Qi. How may i assist you today?

Customer: i nak cakap dgn manager. I nak buat complaint pasal sim card i yg amik masa lebih drpd 24H utk aktif. I tukar my simcard dekat center Kuching. Then, i pergi KL kt ampang point. Mintak tunggu 4 jam. Lepas tu i call lg.. Mintak lg sampai mlm. Sampai i fly ke kuching balik, i pergi center kuching, baru dpt aktif kan sim card. Nak tahu. You guys mmg xde rase nak bg pampasan ke? Takde rase nak bertanggungjawab ke utk sim card i yg tak dpt nak aktif utk 4 hari tu?

Me: sy semak semula cik. Cik nak bercakap dgn manager berkenaan dgn isu sim card yg aktif lebih drpd 24jam tu ye?

Customer: ya Allah awak tak dgr ke ape yg sy cakap td? Skrg ni sy kena tukar sim card. Puncanya sbb sy tak boleh gunakan internet. Then, bila i call center, one of your friends kate i kena tukar simcard. Then bila dh tukar, simcard tak dpt aktifkan. Bila simcard dh aktif internet masih tak boleh pakai jugak.

Me: sy mintak maaf berkenaan masalah tu cik. Tp sy nampak kt sini cik ade 2 isu. Yg pertama, berkaitan dgn panggilan semula dpt manager utk simcard yg ambil masa utk aktif lebih drpd 24jam. Dan yg kedua masalah internet yg tak boleh digunakan walaupun cik dah tukar simcard. Berkenaan dgn panggilan drpd manager itu, sy akan dptkan manager sy utk buat panggilan semula dlm tempoh 5 hari bekerja. Dan utk masalah internet sy akan rujuk kes ni kepada bahagian teknikal dan teknikal akan buat panggilan semula dlm tempoh 24jam.


Me: sy mintak maaf cik. Kalau cik terus menggunakan kata-kata kesat, sy terpaksa batalkan talian sekarang.

Customer: KAU DAH KENAPA B*TINA? (tah amende lg die mencarut)

Me: sy mintak maaf cik. Sekiranya tidak ada apa2 lg yg boleh sy bantu sy terpaksa batalkan talian sekarang. Terima kasih kerana membuat panggilan. Bye.

[Talian diputuskan]

The next second, i checked the report and i saw she made another call and complaint on me by claiming that i refused to assist her. *yeay!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

- a secret

I have a secret.

I called him. Once he said "hello" - i dropped the call.

I am the happiest girl. Yeay!